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Banquet Tables

The classic setting to layout your festivities, the foundations to your party. The Banquet Table. The table's simple geometry defines organized structure and formality to your event. The length also extends good will to your gathered guests. We have tables large enough to accommodate small or large gatherings.

6' wide

8' wide

8' wide

Banquet Table

6' x 30'

seats 6 - 8 people

Banquet table

8' x 30'

seats 6 - 8 people

Children's Table

48 inch round table

seats 6 - 8 people

60 inch round table

seats 8 - 10 people



Round Tables

Ideally suited for large events or small social gatherings, round tables allow for easy access, varied seating arrangements and easy set ups. The tables can be decorated with simple or lavish decorations, depending on your events. And most importantly, your guest will find them comfortable without feeling left out of the center attention.

Belly Bar Tables

The belly bar tables are ideally suited for your guests who wish to remain standing and have a convenient place to reach for their drink or food. The tables can be decorated with a variety of colored spandex fabric, allowing for a very modern yet comfortable look as well adding extra dimensions to your gathering.

36" Round Belly Bar Table

42" Tall

We also have the Belly Bar Stool

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